Providing access to safe quality products

Our Products

We work to ensure that all products produced in our facilities and marketed under our brands do no harm or place employees and/or consumers at risk in any way.  We aim to comply with appropriate certification, accreditation and regulatory requirements, including on-pack claims where relevant, and to provide transparency on our ingredients for consumer protection and information. We also seek to ensure equity, inclusiveness and protection of personal information in marketing communications. Premier prioritises  ensuring food safety and security, providing access to safe, nutritious food options to people in our communities and a commitment to quality.  We aim to improve access to nutritional food products and sanitary protection by providing consumers with a choice of products, available in diverse trade outlets at affordable price points, and for food products to be fortified as per regulations. We strive to constantly improve our product offering to meet evolving consumer needs. 

The Products pillar of our sustainability strategy is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Zero Hunger
Gender Equality
Responsible Consumption and Production
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