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Snowflake is so much more than flour! Our bold spirit of innovation, imagination and inspiration is ingrained in everything we’ve brought to kitchens across South Africa for over 135 years.
Since 1884, it’s been our mission to inspire connections and community by spreading the joy of baking and cooking at every level. We support budding bakeries, individuals, empower growing businesses and stand by national brands. 
Snowflake is a modern brand – but with good, old-fashioned family values when it comes to looking after the people who matter most. Today, there are five Snowflake mills across the nation, creating flour that’s milled to perfection. Snowflake remains South Africa's partner in baking and cooking with a wide range of flour products, baking aids and premixes for any occasion, whether big or small. 
We’ll help you take your baking and cooking to the next level. With consistency as our utmost concern, you can expect your Snowflake product to perform flawlessly during every cook and bake!

Snowflake is available in South Africa, Lesotho, eSwatini, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Wheat Flour The best quality flour for all your baking needs, trusted by South Africans for over 135 years. Flour range includes Cake Flour, Self-raising Flour, White Bread Flour, Brown Bread Flour, Semolina and Nutty Wheat Flour.
EasyMix The quick and easy, flop-proof Snowflake premix range helps you to bake perfectly every time. Available in 500 g and 1 kg.
Creations Bake scrumptious treats with convenient easy-to-use Snowflake Creations baking kit range – a sure way to impress family and friends with irresistible bakes for those special occasions. Available in different flavours and pack sizes.
Baking Aids Baking Powder yields light and fluffy bakes, Cornflour is ideal for thickening soups and sauces, while Vanilla Custard is an egg free powder that is used in the saucy toppings of desserts.
Flour Mix The Snowflake Flour Mix range delivers the trusted convenience of flop proof recipes for truly South African favourites – Magwenya, Dombolo and Queen Cake. Available in 1 kg and 2.5 kg.
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