More than you could imagine

Mister Sweet

From mouthwatering gums and jellies, to delicious candy coated chocolate sweets, scrummy liquorice and delicious fresh mallows, Mister Sweet has them all! So why don’t you let us take you on an unforgettable taste adventure. It’s more than you could imagine…
Yumallows Fluffy strawberry and vanilla flavoured mini marshmallows.
The Original Speckled Eggs The Original Speckled Eggs- crispy candy coated chocolate eggs with a jelly center.
Aunty Alice’s Apricots Delicious apricot flavoured candy foam.
Double Hearts Sugar coated strawberry flavoured heart shape jellies.
Vampire Fangs Mouthwatering jelly and foam vampire fangs.
Snakes Alive Deliciously slithering fruit flavoured jelly snakes.
Soft Gums Fun filled juicy fruit soft gums.
Strawberry Fluffs Fluffy sugar coated strawberry flavoured jelly and foam.
Softmints Peppermint Mouthwatering peppermint chewy soft mints.
Peanut Snack Deliciously crispy and crunchy caramel peanut brittles.
Cashew and Coconut Snack Deliciously crispy and crunchy caramel cashew and coconut brittles.
Wine Gums Deliciously chewy fruit flavoured traditional wine gums.
Lickrish Allsorts Colourful assorted liquorice sweets.
Creamy Toffee Original Flavour Indulgent creamy individually wrapped butter toffees.
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