Making sweet moments sweeter


In a delectable world of yummy gummy’s, scrumptious speckles, fluffy mallows, fabulous lollipops and delicious treats, Manhattan adds a little delightful sweetness to each and every moment, for you to enjoy as it happens.

At Manhattan, we’re all about being sweet. We believe that life is filled with sweet connections and fun. That little and big moments are special and every smile and hug is something to treasure. Today, take a moment to enjoy the little things, to make memories come alive by enjoying sweet connections to make #RealSweetMoments even sweeter.
Pink & White Marshmallows Fluffy as clouds and soft like a pillow, they are the perfect pink & white marshmallows.
Milk Bottles Creamy and delicious treats, shaped like mini milk bottles.
Sour Worms The classic super sour, super sweet and super delicious sour worms.
Wine Gums Deliciously fruity, the original wine gum is full of magic and wonder.
Senties Aromatic and buzzing with flavour, senties gums is one not to be forgotten.
Mint Chews Delicious and longer lasting crisp cooling effect.
Speckled Eggs Made with real Belgian chocolate.
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