Nourishment from the African Sun

Super Sun

Super Sun gets its name from the African sun, which grants us all the energy we need for growth and nourishment. It is a brand that has been around for over 50 years. The natural goodness of the Super Sun’s maize provides energy and strength so that your body won’t let you down.

Super Sun offers a wide variety of delicious and nutritious products which include; Super Sun Super Maize Meal, Super Sun Instant Maize Porridge and Super Sun Braaipap. Whether for breakfast, lunch, a snack or supper - Super Sun offers a tasty product, fortified with vitamins and minerals for better health.

It is through nourishing meals that individuals can continue to be the best for themselves and their communities.

Super Sun is available in South Africa.
Super Maize Meal Super Maize Meal is a good carbohydrate source, fortified with vitamins and minerals for better health.
Braaipap Super Sun Braaipap is high quality and is naturally high in energy. It is a delicious addition to every meal.
Instant Maize Porridge All five Super Sun Instant Maize Porridge flavours mix instantly with hot/cold, milk or water for a great tasting breakfast with 12 vitamins plus iron and zinc.

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