Our operations span locally and internationally


Premier's 13 bakeries, situated in 9 provinces as well as Lesotho and Eswatini, have a production capacity of 835 million loaves of bread making Premier the single biggest supplier of bread in South Africa. Our brands include Blue Ribbon, BB Bread, Mister Bread, Star, S.U.B (Eswatini) and Just Baked.

85% of our bakeries are fully certified for FSSC 22000. We have 16 distribution depots and an intricate distribution network enabling us to deliver to 45 000 customers 363 days a year. Our customers include the formal retail chains, the general and informal trade as well as the food service sector.

835mloaves of bread per annum
13 bakeries situated in 9 provinces as well as Lesotho and Eswatini
45kcustomers receive daily deliveries for free
A total of 16 distribution depots nationwide
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