Our operations span locally and internationally

Home & Personal Care

Premier entered the Home & Personal Care category with the acquisition of Lil-lets and Dove Cotton in November 2013. Our products include: non-applicator tampons, applicator tampons, maxi pads, ultra pads, pantyliners, maternity products and an intimate care range. The Dove Cotton range includes, cotton tips, pleats, cotton balls, cotton wipes, cotton rounds as well as a specialist baby and cosmetic range. Premier recently acquired a share in a UK based niche skin treatment range under the brand Science of Skin (SOS).  

Lil-lets is a leading brand in the broader feminine hygiene category in South Africa and the United Kingdom, with a flexible supply chain covering South Africa, Europe and Asia that ensures we always deliver the highest quality products to our loyal customers. Dove Cotton is South Africa’s number one cottonwool brand, ensuring that highest quality is delivered to the consumer.

In Durban, the group manufactures non-applicator and applicator tampons and pads.

Acquisition of Lil-lets and Dove Cotton brands
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