We treat our community like our own.

Community Stories

For the third year in a row, Blue Ribbon has partnered with Hot Cares community upliftment programme to donate R250,000 worth of bread that will provide nutrition to families in need on a weekly basis for the next year.

Blue Ribbon, by increasing its pledge this year, has been able to support two additional charities - Diepsloot Methodist Church Wellness and Takane Kids Academy in Bloubosrand while continuing to provide bread to Hlalisekani Creche in Kyasands, Oratile School of Excellence in Diepsloot and the Randburg Methodist Church Soup Kitchen.

Together with Hot Cares, Blue Ribbon will continue to make a real difference to the communities in which we operate by sharing that Mmmm Yum Taste.

As we kick off 2021, we would like to recognise and give thanks to the NGO’s that have partnered with us to distribute essential goods to communities in need.

Thank you to Gift of the Givers, Food Forward, the African Children’s Feeding Scheme as well as the many other charities who helped us to distribute and donate over 2.3 million loaves of bread, 300 tons of maize and wheat and over 1.8 million packs of sanitary products to those in need over the last 12 months.

Moving forward, we will continue to work with NGO’s to provide basic essentials to communities to grow together and #BeTheDifference.

This year, for Mandela Day, Premier FMCG embraced the essence of #BetterTogether by asking employees to nominate charities of their choice within the communities they work and live. Across 21 sites within South Africa, our people pulled together to collect and donate blankets, beanies, gloves and scarves and food for more than 30 charities.

Today, we would like to recognise the importance of working with our local communities and investing in what’s important to our people, across South Africa. We would like to thank all our employees that have worked tirelessly to make this happen in a time where many people are facing challenges. Nelson Mandela said, "What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived; it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead."

Premier FMCG would like to thank Gift of the Givers, the largest disaster response, non-governmental organization of Africa origin on the African Continent, for their responsiveness and flexibility during a time of crisis. Gift of the Givers historically sent out over 100,000 parcels every year. With Covid19, this number has more than tripled putting increased pressure on their infrastructure, yet they have persevered with a commitment to provide essentials food for the hungry.

As well as distributing Mageu and other food items to children’s homes, old age homes, and communities in crisis, Premier FMCG has also worked with the Gift of the Givers to distribute Lil-Lets sanitary products to government hospitals.

The combined effort of all involved has made a difference, filling tummies, providing small moments of happiness with treats, as well as making sure women are provided with sanitary essentials. Together, we believe we can all make a difference.

If you would like to make your own contribution to Gift of the Givers, go to their website Every bit does #makeadifference

The donation of Mageu replaces a meal. It is nutritious and filling which makes a real difference in people’s lives”, says Gift of the Givers, Cape Town Spokesperson. Since lockdown, Premier FMCG has donated over 95,000 packs of Mageu across South Africa and in Eswatini, with the intent to fill tummies in a nourishing way.

Through partner charities such as Food Forward, ACFS, Gift of the Givers and The Red Cross, Premier FMCG has prioritised the donation of Mageu for food parcels provided to communities that are struggling to make ends meet.  

Premier FMCG recognises that it is organisations like the African Children’s Feeding Scheme (ACFS) that are best equipped to deliver food hampers to homes where food is scarce. We are committed to making a difference to families across the country, and we are committed to providing food and sanitary wear that help towards achieving this goal.

Premier’s first big donation early in April took almost a day to offload from the truck. Since then, we have been working in partnership with ACFS to provide ongoing essentials for food hampers. Sanitary products like Lil-Lets, which have become a luxury item for those who are unable to afford groceries, will continue to be a key focus of our purpose to improve the lives of women in all communities.

Premier FMCG will continue to partner with the AFCS as we believe they have the infrastructure to reach the communities that need help the most. If you would like to donate to the AFCS, go to so that we can all be #bettertogether

“Growing Together” is at the heart of Premier’s business philosophy. It is built into everything we do. We call it the Premier Way.

In line with our purpose of nourishing and empowering communities to grow together, we have more than quadrupled our product donations to communities in need during lockdown.

We continue to support charities that receive donations from our operations around the country and have also partnered with three NGO’s that have extensive and well managed infrastructures. We believe these organisations are well placed to ensure that donations like food, mageu and sanitary products reach those that need them the most.

For Premier, we will continue to focus on growing together with our communities. This is #ThePremierWay

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For the second year in a row, Eswatini heritage brand, S.U.B. implemented it’s “Keep Your Kingdom Clean” program which was aimed at motivating Eswatini primary school children to keep their schools clean to build pride in their environment and nation.

The campaign was a 5-week program that’s goal was to change behaviour through functional rewards that will uplift the community. Across the Eswatini community, 15 bicycles and 5 JoJo tanks were given out each week to the cleanest schools, with each pupil in the school receiving S.U.B. branded stationery, water bottles, t-shirts and backpacks.

S.U.B. will continue to invest in the upliftment of the Eswatini community that is at the heart of this heritage brand.

Blue Ribbon and Hot Cares add hope to children in need by pledging 16,210 loaves of bread to Hlalisekani Creche in Kyasands, Oratile School of Excellence in Diepsloot and the Randburg Methodist Church soup kitchen.

Blue Ribbon, in partnership with Hot Cares, will deliver bread weekly for the second year in a row, entrenching the relationship with the communities that need a helping hand at a particularly difficult time in their life.

And while it’s important to donate bread to support the nutrition of people facing tough times, the Premier team will also contribute much needed time to add a little extra relief to the teams that keep these great initiatives going.

As the school year ends, Lil-Lets recognises the 10,000 lives that the brand has impacted through their CSI empowerment program that transformed the facilities and sanitation of female bathrooms in 19 government schools across KZN and Gauteng over the last two years.

Lil-Lets ongoing initiatives aim to empower young girls, teachers as well as cleaners with body and menstruation knowledge and mentoring opportunities. The Lil-Lets CSI program aims to inspire a culture of inclusivity, self-acceptance and dignity to help steer young girls on a path that provides them with the best opportunity to grow into confident and empowered young women.

Lil-Lets has undergone 70 workshops at the various schools post the upgraded facilities to empower, educate and motivate girls and teachers. In addition to these workshops, Lil-Lets has rewarded cleaners with an incentive program, as well as an in-school brand ambassador program, where young girls can represent the Lil-Lets brand and provide a support system for their fellow school mates. Lil-Lets have also included Fun Hours to celebrate the joy of being a woman in today’s society.

Add a little sweetness to this festive season by donating your very own Santa's Shoebox Premier and Manhattan Sweets are donating fifty thousand packs of sweets to the #SantaShoeBoxProject to pass the #RealSweetMoments spirit of giving on.

Join us in making a contribution to spread a little extra sweetness to underprivileged children this festive season.

At Premier, the yearly Sandwich Challenge is a time of generosity, camaraderie and sharing. On one memorable day, Premier employees came together to make over 80,000 sandwiches across 24 sites.

Lots of fun was had with each division designing a hat while dedicating their time to making peanut butter and jam or cheese spread fillings. Most importantly, it was for a good cause with sandwiches donated to multiple schools and charities across South Africa.

Thank you, Premier employees for your warmth, fun and kindness in donating your time!

Lil-Lets and Everton Ladies enter a new exciting era that embraces the power of sports and women with a partnership between these two household brands.

Lil-Lets becomes an Official Supporter and will work alongside Everton Ladies to create engaging events and inspirational content promoting the benefits of sport and how it can make a difference to the lives of women. The partnership will also seek to tackle period poverty and reduce the stigma around periods for girls and women of all ages through education and promoting open and honest conversations.

@AaronLittle, General Manager at Everton Ladies, “We have an exciting season ahead of us, and we're delighted to kick it off with Lil-Lets as an Official Supporter. I am looking forward to seeing how we can work together to make a positive impact through the power of sport.”

@Mary Young, Marketing Director at Lil-Lets UK, “Participation in sport can make a huge difference to the life of a young girl or woman. Benefits include improved physical and mental wellbeing, body confidence and mindset as well as helping to alleviate symptoms such as period cramps. By working with Evertons’ Ladies, we hope that we can inspire girls and start relevant conversations around periods.”

Blue Ribbon spreads the warmth this Winter by donating R130,000 worth of bread to feed people in Johannesburg. Through its partnership with Hotcares, Blue Ribbon delivers fresh bread on a weekly basis to 2 schools and a homeless community, feeding over 2500 children and 60 people. Hotcares and Blue Ribbon strive to improve the nutrition of the recipients so that the communities can live healthier lives with the mmmm Yumm taste of Blue Ribbon Bread.