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Premier started out as a mill in Port Elizabeth more than 160 years ago with the launch of the Snowflake brand. Up until the early 1990s, Premier continued to grow from strength to strength and became a leading company in the South African FMCG market. In the 90’s and 00’s a series of unbundling and ownership deals resulted in Brait acquiring a 46% shareholding in Premier, by then a milling and baking company with leading brands such as Snowflake, Blue Ribbon, IWISA, BB Bread, Invicta, Nyala, Super Sun and Inyala. In 2011, Brait transitioned it's business from a private equity to a long term investment holding company and increased its holdings in Premier. A new management team was appointed under the leadership of CEO Tjaart Kruger and the business has continued to show good performance in it's core business and with new acquisitions. Premier has strengthened its position in the bread market with the acquisition of Mr Bread & Star Bakeries in the Eastern Cape and the Mr Bread/S.U.B bakery and mill in Swaziland. This was followed by the acquisition of Manhattan & Super C sugar confectionery brands from Kraft and Lil-Lets SA and UK from a UK-based private equity fund in 2013.

The move to the new offices comes at a time when the business has not only grown out of our old premises but is also a time when the business needs to adjust itself to the new strategy and broader category participation. Mr Tjaart Kruger, CEO Premier, commented: “During Premier’s troubled days the premises were sold and leased back. Our lease had expired and we simply had to move. Fortunately we were able to locate premises that are more centrally situated to give better access to our employees with space for us to grow.  But most of all, we pay less rent and are better housed. It is a win-win all round.”

Premier took the opportunity to revamp its corporate identity at the same time.  No longer simply a food company, Premier has dropped the Food suffix and shortened its trading name to just Premier. The new livery, along with the new offices, is a signal of what is to come. “We are all about growing together – our employees, our shareholders, our customers and above all the community in which we live - we will grow together” says Kruger.

Date: 30/07/2014