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We're So Happy to be Part of the Most Important Meal of Your Day

Premier has launched into the Breakfast category with three brands, two of them well established and the third a brand new breakfast product range. 

Capturing the hearts and mind of a nation since 1956, the Iwisa range comprises Iwisa Maize Meal, Iwisa Samp, Iwisa Maize Rice, Iwisa Braai pap, Iwisa Creamy Maize flour and now includes Iwisa Instant Breakfast porridge. High in 12 vitamins and available in five flavours, this new instant porridge mixes instantly with hot or cold milk or water for a great tasting breakfast.  

Nyala has its roots in KZN, the region known as ‘the place of the Zulu’, and has been a firm favourite here for more than 55 years. Nyala Instant Breakfast Porridge is anther majestic addition to the Royal Tasting Range, with five delicious flavours made from your favourite Nyala maize. Choose from original, vanilla, banana, strawberry or the high fibre option.  

Thrive is a new high-protein multigrain breakfast cereal that is quick, convenient and delicious, turning breakfast into a breeze and promoting happy, strong, active bodies throughout the day. 

Thrive is a complete meal that is high in balanced protein - specifically pea protein, an easy-to-digest vegetable protein that contains the essential amino acid lysine. Lysine, which cannot be made in the body and is consumed through the diet, supports the normal growth and development of children and plays a role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Available in three variants – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry –Thrive can be enjoyed hot or cold, as a cereal or shake, or added to smoothies for an added nutritional boost. 

Date: 08/07/2016