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Snowflakes Easymix Shortbread Packaging Wins An Award

Just when you thought Snowflake’s 1kg Shortbread Biscuit EasyMix was only amazing on the inside, its product packaging design goes and wins a silver in the category of Coated Paper Products at the FTASA (Flexographic Technical Association of South Africa) awards. The FTASA is an association for the Flexo printing industry. The awards are held annually to recognize excellence and outstanding print quality in various sectors of the Flexo print industry, which includes paper, plastic and more.

We at Snowflake are honoured to receive this award because it shows that the quality of every product we put out to South Africans is impeccable, both inside and out. This philosophy of providing the best we possibly can has been part of our heritage from the beginning and we will continue to uphold it but more importantly to further solidify our place in the hearts and minds of every South African and their kitchen.   

Testament to this is how Snowflake prides itself in being your trusted kitchen partner and its 1kg EasyMix range being a South African household favourite.  Boasting a delicious and impressive range of variants, which include pancakes, flapjacks, scones and waffles, Snowflake has now added 3 new tantalising treats to the 1kg EasyMix range to tempt and indulge your family and friends.    

These 3 new variants include Cappuccino Mix, Cupcake Mix, and Shortbread Biscuit Mix, which will undoubtedly ensure you bake your home the place to be. Convenient and easy, these 3 new variants make entertaining a pleasure, whether you are catering for a large family gathering, a kids’ party or just an afternoon tea with special friends. Decadent and delicious these 3 new delicacies will certainly impress your guests and delight your family.  

It’s life’s little luxuries, baked effortlessly.
Date: 17/03/2015