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Lil-Lets UK Talks Puberty

According to a recent study undertaken by Lil-Lets UK, most British parents would rather go into hiding than begin talking to children about sex and puberty. Researchers have revealed that millions of British parents stick by the nation’s mantra of ‘no sex please, we’re British’, with 60% of those surveyed stating they find it difficult to talk about sensitive issues like sex with their children. Some even admitted to pretending to be in an important phone call, ignoring their children or staying late at work simply to avoid answering their kids’ questions. Additionally 54% of the 2 000 parents polled said they worry about how it will make their child feel, but it seems that it is them that dread the day the most with 1 in 5 admitting they’ve worried about discussing sex and puberty since their child was as young as four.

These are just some of the statistics generated from the research undertaken with British parents by Lil-Lets UK, delving into what conversations they find the most difficult to have with their children. As you would expect, puberty and periods rank high in the list of embarrassing topics with 4 out of 10 admitting they avoid talking to their children about these subjects as they are just too embarrassed. In summary of the most interesting findings to come out of the research, an infographic has been compiled. 

Click here  to view the infographic now.

There is a natural element of humour within some of the findings and to bring this to life Lil-Lets UK worked with Neil Kerber, a prominent UK cartoonist, to create two bespoke cartoons. These have been released to the public with the infographic. 

Click here  to view cartoon 1.

Click here  to view cartoon 2.

Mary Young, Marketing Executive at Lil-Lets UK who conducted the study, added: “Raising topics such as puberty and periods with your children can be daunting but with a bit of preparation, both you and your children can get through it with as little embarrassment as possible. Building on a successful schools outreach programme last year, Lil-Lets has created an interactive DVD all about puberty and a resource pack to support teachers in primary and secondary schools across the country. However, we also understand how difficult it can be for parents to prepare themselves for ‘the talk’, so to help them we have created a short film ‘Let’s Talk Puberty for Parents.”

In ‘Let’s Talk Puberty for Parents’, experts give their professional insight on what parents can expect, as well as some practical advice on ways to start the conversation around puberty and periods. The video is currently being hosted exclusively by Boots in the UK.

Click here  to view ‘Let’s Talk Puberty for Parents” now.
Date: 01/10/2014