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When the Goldin family purchased The Garland Sweet Works from a former Johannesburg Mayor in 1948, they changed the name to Manhattan in the hope of creating an overseas quality image for the product. In those days Manhattan sweets were loosely packed in 5kg boxes for shop delivery and then transferred into glass counters displaying pictures of the Manhattan skyline to distinguish the product from its competitors. Those days are gone, but the brand’s appeal remains enduring! Today the brand includes favourites such as Jelly Babies, Wine Gums, and Pink & White Marshmallows. We’re proud to have Manhattan within the Premier stable since the company acquisition of the brand in May 2013.

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Our Range

Dino Gums

Filled with all kinds of delicious yummy gummies - Dino style!

Wine Gums

Deliciously fruity, the original wine gum is full of magic and wonder.

Gum Babies

Bouncing with the yumminess that Kylie Kangaroo approves!


Aromatic and buzzing with flavour, Betta Bee has certainly outdone herself!

Princess Gums

A creamy and dreamy fairytale adventure with Princess Sweet Pea.


Sports shaped gums and jellies.


As sweet as sweet can be! Cutie Cupid brings you the perfect little bon bon. Scented and delicious!

Milk Bottles

Creamy and delicious treats featuring cute little Nandi Cow.

Dome Jubes

Nothing’s too heavy for Arnie Ant, especially his favourite sugar coated jellies.

Sour Worms

The classic super sour, super sweet and super delicious Sour Worms. Ernest Owl knows the early bird catches the worm!

Sour Bears

Mini shaped bears in a sour flavoured gum.

Fruity Bears

Mini shaped bears in a fruity flavoured gum.

Pink & White Marshmallows

Jabu Giraffe knows the secret to great marshmallows. Fluffy as clouds and as sweet as Jabu, they are the perfect mallows.

Suga Bubbles

Sweet, sassy, cheeky, soft and chewy, tootsie fruity sugar coated bubbles. Enjoy every delightful fruity flavoured little moment.

Milky Bubbles

Smooth, creamy, velvety, soft and dreamy, chewy, milky, sugar coated bubbles.

Sour Bubbles

Zingy, zesty, zangy, tangy, freaky face-pulling super sour sugar coated bubbles.

Fun Box

A range of sweets in a fun and exciting tin for the whole family to share together. This is a limited offer!